Population Change (Coming)

Population Change (Coming)
Traversing across Earth’s biomes, explore the abiotic factors that create the differing climates present at each. Consider possible food chains that are found amongst the organisms that make those biomes their home. Finally, participate in the ecosystem of a particular biome as an organism, working to maintain the needs of that organism and keeping your population alive while interacting with other players as organisms who also make that ecosystem their home.

Curricular Connections

Grade 4 - Big Idea: All living things sense and respond to their environment
Grade 7 - Big Idea: Evolution by natural selection provides an explanation for the diversity and survival of living things
Science 10 - Big Idea: DNA is the basis for the diversity of living things
Life Sciences 11 - Big Idea: Evolution occurs at the population level


Tour of the Biomes

Observe different biomes on Earth and what makes them different.

Predator Puzzles

Practice building food chains in different biomes.

Food Chain Frenzy

Take on a role within a food chain and survive in order to grow your population.