9 Big Eras of History (Coming)

9 Big Eras of History (Coming)
Throughout human history, the events can be categorized into nine general eras, each including its own set of civilizations and events, defining the technological and historical achievements of humankind. In this experience, students will be able to explore a timeline of these eras on an outstretched global map to consider these events and their chronological and geographical significance. Use this experience to create context historically for significant events discussed in class.

Curricular Connections

Grade 4 - (1) American Indian groups; (2) European exploration and colonization
Grade 5 - (2) American Revolution; (4) Industrial Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War; (5) 20th century history
Grade 7 - (1) American historical events (American Revolution, Civil War, Great Depression, WWII, civil rights movement)
Grade 8 - (1) major American historical events; (2) European exploration and colonization
United States History Studies Since 1877 - (2) Historical points of reference for the US since 1877
World History Studies - (1) historical points of reference for world history


Events Through History

Teacher-led exploration of major events in human history, in the context of a large global map.

Match the Icon

Students select icons representing historical events, items, or civilizations that they predict will be found in the next era.