Breaking New Ground in Education and Technology!

We are delighted to announce an unprecedented partnership between VRCORE Education and Spawnpoint, the visionary creation of Fennec Labs! Together, we are embarking on a remarkable journey to pioneer the world's first library of gymnasium-scale, free-roam virtual reality educational worlds.

At VRCORE Education, we bring to the table six years of unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier VR educational content to students. From our immersive summer camps to trailblazing in-school VR field trips, our commitment to revolutionizing education has never been stronger.

Jason, CEO of VRCORE Education, added, "This partnership is a thrilling step forward in our mission to redefine education through virtual reality. Together with Fennec Labs, we are poised to create a new era of learning experiences that will inspire students like never before. Get ready for an educational revolution!"

Based in the United Kingdom, Fennec Labs is a renowned VR & AR specialist studio that has been a driving force in emerging technology, location-based entertainment, and XR systems development since 2016. Their impressive client portfolio, featuring industry giants such as SpringboardVR and StrikerVR, underscores their wealth of experience and expertise in the VR landscape. This partnership reflects our shared passion for pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality and educational technology.

Ben Woodford, co-founder of Fennec Labs, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We're really excited to be working with Jason and the VRCORE team as we both embark on this journey to introduce some of the incredible technological leaps that we, as an industry, have made in Location-Based Entertainment through the arena-scale experience format, Spawnpoint, and VIVE Focus 3. Our mission with Spawnpoint has always been to put powerful tools into the hands of operators - whether that be for entertainment or education - and to create incredible, immersive experiences that utilize those tools to their fullest."

Together, we are on a mission to transform the learning experience by crafting unparalleled virtual reality educational adventures that will ignite the imaginations and knowledge of students across the globe.