What is VRCORE Education?

We are the ultimate field trip: using virtual reality, we transform your gymnasium into a multi-learner portal to any space, size, or time in history. Your students explore these immersive worlds together with our teacher, in a guided, interactive, curriculum-building experience.

Why should I care?

VRCORE Education makes it easier to take your class to the Moon, Ancient Rome, or the center of cell, than to the local museum. In these fully guided, interactive worlds your students will stay more engaged, retain more, and leave excited to learn.

Our team works with you to tailor your experience to your specific cross-curricular goals, leaving your students with an experience that truly makes a difference in their education.

How does this work step by step?

  1. You contact us for information about our field trip offering.

  2. We pick the experience that will fit your educational needs, and choose how many classes you want to attend.

  3. We book your classes in and a 50% deposit is required upon booking the dates.

  4. 6 weeks before the event we send you an educational package so your teacher has content to teach before our event. (optional)

  5. 1 week before the event we send you a package including the rules students are to follow, and how the event will run.

  6. We arrive and deliver the event on the day(s) requested.

  7. 1 week after the event we provide you with the test scores and photos of your students in our educational world.

  8. Book us for next year!

Who is this for?

Designed for both public and private schools: VRCORE Education lets forward-looking schools offer the most advanced educational experiences, without the cost or technical issues of installing their own VR centers.

For less than the cost of installing your own VR center we can provide a field trip for every class in your entire school. No hardware cost, no upkeep cost, no software cost, and most importantly people cost on your own VR center.

We learn through experience, an in VR, stuents can directly interact with even the most complex topics - keeping them engaged, and driving home often difficult topics.

"VR training has a retention rate of 75%, beating out lectures (5%), reading (10%), and audio-visual learning (20%)" - FrontCore 2020.

How does this work with curriculum?

Our experiences are built to be cross-curricular. Guided by our trained teachers, each experience can be used to teach a wide range of topics: from basic shapes and colors—to orbital mechanics and gravitational forces. We start by digging into the local curriculum, and then build our worlds to best teach what is required.

What ages is this appropriate for?

VRCORE Education experiences are built for classes from grade 3 - 12, for both public and private schools.

How Much Does it Cost:

Depending on how many students are booked at a time it is between $24-$31 per student

What do I have to do during the field trip?

VRCORE Education experiences are built to give teachers a break—while working perfectly with your curriculum.

Your class is guided through their immersive worlds by our trained instructor, making the event fully hands-off for school staff—though teachers are encouraged to join their students in these exciting experiences!